:: Change


You don't need me to tell you it's warm right now.  You've probably talked about it already with at least 10 people on the way to the office, it's quite topical right now. "Oh man it's hot!" "Yeah I can't sleep, even with the fan on!" "Hottest January ever!"

Yeah, I've had those conversations too. Don't worry, relief is coming in the form of a Southerly change and it should be here a bit after lunch today. Count it down!

On the water the Nor-East wind swell is struggling to any find shape. There's simply too much sand on the banks, it's just one straight line of sand running the length of Queenscliff to North Steyne.  A decent swell might shift a bit of sand around but we're not due one of those, at least in the near future.

Enjoy the change, we'll be basking it when it moves through this afternoon.


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