:: Carnage


I snuck up the beaches this morning to check out the storm damage at Collaroy and South Narrabeen.  Crazy stuff happened up there while I was away with pools and front yards being reclaimed by the sea. I caught the good and the bad of the storm as it unfolded on social media. Nature can be both ferocious and phenomenal! Still, seeing the carnage and change in coastline with my own eyes you can help but feel a sense of awe!  The sheer volume of sand that been ripped out is amazing!   Now all that sand's sitting off the coast and will slowly make its way shoreward over the coming months and years.  That's got to be good for surfers right.

The waves were ok up that way this morning, the fella's were certainly making the most of it with 9ft+ logs.  Tomorrow's looking tiny so best to make the most.

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