:: Byron. Kirra. Noosa.

Yesterday was always going to be a big day.  The schedule  Shoot dawn at Byron, send out Sprout Daily email out, drive to Kirra to watch the finals of the Quiksilver Pro, drive to Noosa, shoot sunset on the points of Noosa. There's only 300k's between Byron and Noosa so it was tight but doable.   Everything was going so well in the morning that I decided to squeeze a quick paddle in at The Pass.  The waves were mellow and fun with just the hint of hightide wobble behind the rocks.   I was having a great surf until I got clipping on the take up, going over the falls and colliding with my tail on the way over.  I thought it was just a dead arm at first but it turned out that my 7 inch centre fin had sliced a 3 inch gash into the backside of my armpit.  Lots of blood bubbling in the water next to me.  Without going into too much detail, I ended up lucky as I'd only cut muscle and after a good clean and a few stitches at Byron Hospital I was on my way to Kirra.  Anyway, that's my excuse for not sending yesterday. Today's photos a mixed bag of yesterday.  Some Byron, some Kirra, some Noosa.  More from Noosa tomorrow - the waves are looking really nice up here right now.  And the forecast for Manly is looking pretty good for the next couple of days as well.  Hope you score and stay injury free.

Don't forget Guzman y Gomez are having their Free Burrito Day at their new store at Manly Wharf tomorrow!