:: Buster!


It's going to be a wild ride through the extremes of weather today.  You might not have felt like packing a jumper or a rain jacket on the way out the door this morning, especially given it was 30 degrees at 8am. We're in for a stinker of a morning with a top of 38 degrees before a strong Southerly change busts through this afternoon with rain and storms and a temperature drop of over 12 degrees.

This morning was just a sea of haze and glare; not ideal conditions for shooting surf.  The chopper's been busy ferrying the chopped up remains of the Police boat that's been on the rocks at Queenscliff since Saturday.  The pilot doing the lifting was doing an incredible job putting the rope in along side the cliff.  Full kudos to him!

Have a good day!


DAILYMurray Fraser