:: Bronte


This morning I found myself at Bronte Beach on Sydney's glorious Eastern Suburbs for sunrise. It's a long story why, but if ever there's a time to head over The Bridge, school holidays is the time. The morning traffic is a breeze compared to the regular peak hour jams.

Of the beaches over this side of the City, Bronte's one of my favourites.  Mellow parking (weekdays, that is), a couple of surfing options, a beautiful little ocean pool (currently being fixed up after the big Nor-East Swell) and a handful of cafés for post-surf coffee and a feed. It's a good living!

A little more of the South Swell is getting in over this side but the Southerly wind was making is a bit scruffy.  Meanwhile, back on the home side of the bridge, Manly didn't have much of a wave but she was in postcard form!  Enjoy!


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