:: Bonus


Welcome to your bonus day.  It only happens every 4 years so make sure you take advantage of if.  The weather obviously forgot about the Leap Year and thinks it's March already throwing on a spread of Autumn weather.  Yesterday we were roasting in 33 degrees and today we're back down to 24 degrees with a whole bunch of rain (heavy at times mind you!)  The BOM are forecasting it to hang around for the next 4 days or so; it's not pretty. Down the beach it was a reasonably still start to the day.  There's very little swell or wind getting into the South End making it ideal for a dip.  The water's still 23+ degrees so get your gear off and have a swim!  If you're looking for waves, there's 2-3 feet of SSE swell out to sea apparently so Queenscliff or further up the beaches should have a bit more on offer.

Don't forget about the Sprout Daily Autumn Launch at The Steyne tomorrow night.  We'll be posting more details on Facebook today so Like Us and stay in the loop.   There's going to be food and drink and someone will be riding home with that Sprout Daily Custom Vanmoof Cycle!  Epic!

Enjoy  29 Feb.

DAILYMurray Fraser