:: Bombs

Solid East swell hitting town this morning courtesy of an East Coast low hovering out there in the Pacific.  It's 4-6ft with the odd bigger set and Manly is getting the full brunt of the swell.  First thing this morning there was a thick sea mist clouding the beach making for tricky lighting and only a few braving the bumpy conditions.  A cool southerly changed busted through right on 8am making the Southern Corner and Cabbage Tree the only real option.  Worth a look for sure. Quite a pleasant surprise to run into Mr Pipeline himself, Gerry Lopez, down on the wall this morning.  He was just hanging out checking the surf and having a relaxed chat in a style that one might image Gerry Lopez to move in.  What a pleasure to meet him and Pete.  If you're in Sydney city tomorrow Gerry will be at the Patagonia Store in Bathurst St from 6-7pm talking shop and promoting his book "Surf Is Where You Find It"He'll also be in Manly on Wednesday hosted by the Patagonia Manly Store but the word on the street is that the free tickets have all been allocated.  Check with Stevo at the store on Darley Rd if you want to score an audience with Mr Pipeline.

Waves should hang around for the next few days along with a new serving of rain and showers.  Here we go again!


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