:: Blow

She's a windy one out there this morning and it's going to blow all day today and most of the weekend.  It'll be mostly onshore winds from the East although the Bureau has a window of Nor-Westerly in their forecast which could open up a couple of options for surfing.  With 8 feet of swell on the cards for tomorrow, a wee window of offshore could be just the ticket. The swell hasn't jumped a great deal from yesterday afternoon and if you don't mind a bit of wind in your hair there's a couple of banks around dishing up some onshore fun this morning.  The water's still really warm even with 20 kts of windchill on the skin.

The house below goes under the hammer this weekend and for the right price it could be yours.  If you do end up with the keys post auction and you want to keep those beautiful photo's in the living room just give me a shout and we'll sort you out a deal!

Have a good weekend ∆ Murray

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