:: Bit Late

Happy Friday to you, hope you're having a good one!  Cheers to everyone that came along to the opening night of Rise & Shine last night.  It was really cool to have a diverse bunch of people enjoying themselves.  The pop-up gallery will be open over the weekend at Berrins so please free to drop in.  If you missed the slide show I'm running a bit late this morning because I was out a bit late last night.  It's been a big morning for Mr Robert Kelly Slater who's taken out the Hurley Pro at Trestles in the US.  Today victory is his 50th elite tour victory!!  Not bad for an old fella! Congrats's and absolute admiration to you Kelly!

Back on our stretch of coast and the swell's a bit wonky and not really looking the best.  There's waves and it's prefect if you like crumbly lips but it's lacking the sheen of yesterday.

Sunshine ahead and 26 degrees on Sunday.  Spring into it! ∆ Murray

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