:: Biggest Week


The Australian Open of Surfing came to a crescendo yesterday wrapping up one of the biggest weeks Manly has ever seen.  Huge congratulations to Sally Fitzgibbons who took out the ladies title and Matt Banting who won both the Pro Junior and the Open Men's title making for an all-Australian podium on Sunday.   Matt Banting was on fire all week in his heats, the kid just rips!  I watched him tear apart a little righthand bank at Queenscliff while free surfing and he looked so sharp and a step ahead of the competition.  

The whole town has been jumping since last weekend with action in the water, on the sand and throughout the village.  People came by the ferry load to enjoy the whole event and a huge congratulations must be given to the event organisers and co-sponsors Hurley and Billabong.  Man, what an event!!  Credit also to the weather, the locals, the visitors, the surfers, the Manly Council and all the businesses in Manly that keep the masses hydrated and feed.  There's been very little negative feedback from the people I've talked to around town; in fact, some people were wondering what they were going to do with themselves this week when the vibe settles back to normal.  Ummmm, go surfing, that's what!  There's waves coming and the wind isn't looking too bad either.  Just in time for US ay.... 

∆ Murray

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