:: Big Sky


The sky was all bulbous texture this morning, it looked like it was going to burst. There was just a hint of colour in the clouds but the Sun just couldn't squeeze through to set the whole sky alight.  It would have been an incredible sunrise if it had I reckon! There's a little bit of South swell squeezing its way into the Freshy banks. The logs were all over it but at the right tide the small wave shortboards would be right at home.

Ever owned a pair of Birdwell's?  RVCA have teamed up with American boardshort label Birdwell Britches to produce a limited run of hand made in the USA classic californian style boardshorts.  It might not be boardshort weather just yet but summer is around the corner, and so is Apparel Collective, one of only a handful of stores to stock this range. Pop in before your size sell's out!


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