:: Big Sky


Happy Summer to you!   Can you believe we just turned the page and on the calendar or diary and there's December starring back at you.  To kick summer off we've got a glorious day but a severe lack of surf.  It's 1ft, or maybe a touch bigger up the beaches.  Typical summer day really. This morning I packed a backpack and took a hike up North Head.  Every time I go up there I'm blown away by the wildlife, cliffs, big sky, amazing views across Manly and up the Northern Beaches - it's seriously stunning!  This morning in my hour and a half wanderings I only encountered a half-dozen people.  That's 2 minutes worth down the beach!

The 2014 Sprout Daily Calendar is on sale today!  Our printers are scheduled to deliver the calendar by the middle of this week so I should have them ready to collect or ship out by Friday.  Click through on the banner below and hit "Add to Cart" then follow the prompts to get your hands on them.  If you've got any questions feel free to flick me an email.

:: Murray