:: Beyond


It's the dawn of our final day in Bali and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to leave.  I haven't surfed all the spots I wanted to surf or shot all the waves I wanted to shoot.  Even with three months here I'd probably feel the same.  The surf offering is as rich and fertile as the volcanic rice fields between and beyond the villa's and hotels of Kuta and Seminyak. Saturday morning we woke to a fresh pulse of 10ft SSW swell.  It might be a rarity in Sydney but over here the swell's line up one after another from down deep in the Southern Indian Ocean and march North straight into the Islands of the Gods.

We bailed on the Bukit and headed East to the black sand and right-handers out there. Don't know exactly where we ended up but it was somewhere beyond the Bukit.


DAILYMurray Fraser