:: Better

It was better than it looked out there this morning.  From the beach it appeared lumpy and unimpressive and it almost turned me back around for a sleep in.  But, on closer inspection the faces were clean and there was even a little bit of punch to the NE wind swell whipped up by yesterday's onshore.  Prop's to those that ventured out and scored a few pre-work/school runners!  It really wasn't until I got home and looked at the shots that I realised there were a couple of nice ones on offer.  The wind's still light but the Nor-Easterly's going to come up again today so if you're keen for a wave now's your time. The East Coast of the US is getting smashed by Hurricane Sandy as you're reading this.  Having a browse over the social media sites this morning shows there's a bit of damage and a heap of solid East Coast surf - make's be wish I was still over there.   Check out Surflines coverage in the wake of Sandy and stay tuned for more to come.

To our friends in Sandy's warpath, our thoughts are with you; stay safe. Murray

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