#2 - Beau's AOS Journal


Wednesday 4 February - Journal Entry No. 2 Today I had to show patience, this is something I only feel I truly learned through having kids. No surfing for me today.

I was up early again and on the beach at 5:30am, this time I was running laps of the beach and doing some circuit training with 6 up and coming groms. This sort of coaching and passing on knowledge and experience to the youth is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I love it and it always keeps me on my toes. I was pretty beat but not as exhausted as my wife who gave birth to my son only 2 weeks ago.

My wife Melinda is an amazing mum to my 2 kids and last night she only got a few hours sleep so home I went to take over and give her a rest. So no surfing or heat practice for me, the only preparation I'm doing for the event is on my body through stretching in-between the tea parties and peppa pig episodes and woking on the mind through visualisation. Its funny the journey I always go through when visualising a competition, the mind is a very powerful tool and when used in a positive way can create a whole lot of self belief.

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