Good morning.  Hi how are you? It's been a while.  Yeah we're fine too and thanks for asking.  You might have noticed that Sprout has been off-air for the last couple of weeks.   Thanks for sticking with us while we work on some personal projects. There's been some exciting things going down in the offices of Sprout Daily which we might roll out for your viewing pleasure shortly.   Hope you've been enjoying yourselves as well. We missed you! Bit of an average morning to come back with I'm afraid.  If you wanted warmth, sunshine and offshore winds you should have been here yesterday.  It was glorious.  Today.... not so much.  It's southerly with a cross-shore bump, rainy, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and it's a Monday.  Good thing or bad thing?  I don't know but it's time to get into some work.  Enjoy your day. It's nice to be back!