:: Another Day

Cold enough for you this morning?  Yeah me too!  I've just spent the last two hours thawing my fingers after gripping the cold steel of the lens.  Well not quite but that's my excuse for running late this morning. It's another day of clean offshore conditions and a new South Swell has filled in overnight.  We're having a great run of offshores and a consistent mix of swell.   There were a few fun waves out there this morning and the crowds were well down for a morning with quality waves.  Maybe everyone's surfed out; maybe it's too cold for the dawny at the moment?   Either way, if you manages to pull the bones out of bed this morning you would have had a nice little session.  There's truckloads of South Swell out to sea with most of it heading straight past but it's serving up a nice log worthy 2 foot here at Manly.  If you've got the foam there's fun to be had.

On a personal note, this morning I was stoked to find out I was accepted into the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop to be held in New York this October.  It's a competitive selection process so to get the nod and be part of Barnstorm XXV is pretty exciting news.   If you don't know who Eddie Adam's is, chances are you'll reconise some of his iconic images.  Go on, do a Google Search!  Bet ya!

Looking forward to posting some Sprout Daily adventures from the US of A once again come October!

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