:: All Smiles

Pretty easy to be stoked this morning huh!   The sun is shining, the water's about as warm as it ever gets in Sydney and it's the eve of the Australia Day long weekend.  Not to mention there's a solid swell on the charts for the start of next week!   As someone said to me this morning, "you wouldn't be dead for quids!" There's a neat little 2ft East swell on offer this morning.  The high-tide's was adding a few wobbles to it this morning but I reckon it'll improve as the tide drops.  There's a light Nor-Easter blowing but the water is so inviting it'll take more than a bit of wind to stop the temptation to get wet.

So what are you doing for Australia Day tomorrow?  Weather's looking mixed at the moment but if we collectively think  "sunshine" I reckon we'll get it.  I'm heading over to Bondi Beach to shoot the Australia Day Thong Challenge.  Been a while since I've ventured out East and I'm looking forward to seeing how the other half live.

Whatever you're up to, keep it classy and have a good one! ∆ Murray

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