All Day

Man what a day out there!  It's been offshore all morning and still feathering as we got to press.  I'm sure you can understand why we're a little late in the send out. Today surfing is on the cards for sure, all day if you've got the time. I got up at dawn and took a few frames down at Queensie but the 7am low tide was making it a little hit and miss.  Although there were plenty of waves to get excited about early, the prospects of Westerlies all day meant there was no rush.  I took a drive up the beaches and pretty much every beach from Manly to Palmy was firing in one way or another.  You sure wouldn't need Google to find a good wave today that's for sure.  Joel Fitzgerald was out and about testing out a few of his own hand-shaped Quad's so we found a little corner to ourselves for a session.

It's still offshore and firing.  See you later on.

A friend of ours called Adam Harriden is having an exhibition down at The Belgrave Cartel on Belgrave St.  The works are inspired by the sea and harbourside life surrounding our little Manly Village.  Take a good look down there when you get a chance, you'll find them super refreshing.  The works are up until 18 April.