First thing this morning there was hardly a wave breaking.  It was pretty much more of the same bleak, waveless, grey that has greeted us for the last week or so.  At 6:45 when I was on my retreat back home for some fruit and a coffee there was one longboarder, a paddleboarder and a group of swimmers in the water and not much action.  However and hour a half past and the scene was a little different when I was on my way to the studio.   Numbers in the line up hadn't changed but there were some fun little one to one and a half foot peelers in the corner and Trent was still out there!  That's a two hour session on a day most people opted to stay in the hay and he was being rewarded with some sweet little rides pretty much on his own.  Adventure is where you seek it! Speaking of Adventure, those adventures folks at Patagonia will be opening their doors of their newest store in Manly in December.  That'll be worth getting out of bed for!

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