:: 77 Floors


Every time I go to Surfers Paradise I'm amazed! It blows me away how they manage to build these towering skyscrapers right on the beach, that's some serious sandcastles!  The high rises might not be too everyone's taste but visually the undeniably spectacular.   When I was growing up on the Gold Coast, the tallest building was Peninsula which was back a block from the beach and a mere 137m high.  Now, Soul sits right on the sand at 243m.  The Empire State Building in NY is 383m so there's still a bit of catching up to do but I'm sure somebody is already planning. This morning there was some really cool blue light on the Gold Coast as the sun filtered through a storm offshore.  Maybe it's a sign from the State of Origin gods?

Correction:  Yesterday I got it wrong; sorry!  The boulders that make up the point breaks on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW are in fact Basalt and not Granite.  Thanks for the correction.

Catch you back in Sydney tomorrow.

:: Murray