#6 - Beau's AOS Journal


Monday 9 February - Journal Entry No. 6 - Day 1 of Competition.  The eve of Beau's first heat. Today is my last day of preparation before my heat in the Australian Open of surfing. The drive down the beach was filled with nervous energy and going through in my head what needs to be focused on before tomorrow. The surf at North Steyne was small little running left shorey, something I grew up surfing as a kid. In small conditions the thing I was looking for was high energy and a spark in my surfing, even if it was only a moment on a wave. Judges look for a moment and that spark in surfers to differentiate from the rest. They want to see a complete performance and they want to be moved so the feel something from your surfing, so that was my focus. Keep constant board movement, be light on my feet and and finish my waves off strong was the aim. I felt really good in the water, my board worked well and I am finally feeling ready to go.

I am happy to have Barton Lynch my good friend, coach and mentor in my corner also so we will see how things go tomorrow. I'm not going to give them an inch!

Let's do this!