:: The Rookie

Well, my first day on the job as guest photographer did not start according to plan. Barely halfway out the back in the blue pre-dawn light, my housing sprung a leak, a big leak. Camera fried, I headed back to the beach, made a quick call to next week's guest shooter, Dave Maurice Smith. He was out of bed and on the beach with a replacement in 3 minutes flat like some sort of super-camera-caddy. Thinking better of taking Dave's rig for a swim, I watched tasty, little lefts break over the shallow, low-tide banks from North Steyne to Queensie, from the beach. A reasonable crowd had hit the water early after rumblings of a dream-dusk-session following a late westerly change last night had circulated through local mobile in-boxes. With the swell set to increase throughout the week, it looks as though things could get interesting... Quilts