:: Lucky Day


The waves were on the pump this morning.  It's a weird set up with rips, holes and gutters but if you can work out a spot to sit or fluke yourself into position there were some classy waves to be had.  The sun even rose out from the horizon today!  Can't remember the last time I saw that! I guess it must be our lucky day! Last check the wind was still offshore but swinging ever so slightly to the South.  I'm going to take my chances while I can.

Remember Margaret River? It's another layday over in the West today. There's 3 days left in the waiting period and only a day of surfing left.  The must be holding out for something solid.


PS. Sorry to anyone that's tried to call or text. My phone took a swim in the Pacific on Monday and she's flatlined. No phone, text or Instagram. Back soon!

DAILYMurray Fraser